A Writer’s Corner © article Lenni Mdawini Sibanda

In Budiriro, Harare a young lady sits infront of her Acer mini computer the lcd screen  straining her eyes as she tries to type some last words to her novel manuscript, she looks up at her family clock its 12:04 in the witching hour. Her mother is has been trekking to the main bathroom , and she knows it’s a sign for her to go to sleep, her mother and father have been postponing for too long from doing what they want to do in the bedroom and it’s a shame that the walls are too thin.

In Mbizo , Kwekwe a man tip toes into his bedroom , careful not to wake his wife. Unfortunately the family cat Gonzo stealthily moves , he has plans of his own . Gonzo is after a notorious rat , and he doesn’t care about the man’s toes as he scratches them in high speed. The man screams and drops a pile of neatly typed novel manuscript papers, the wife wakes up. Ehm ,will just leave it there.

James Court Flat in Bulawayo , 42 year old lawyer’s eyes are dazed with sleep , he has to finish that short story but well his neighbor Jabu a high schoolstudent whose parents are in the UK has plans of his own . A party is taking place and you know how Bulawayo youth love their house music and dancing . So the noise is draining away all the creativity , but the script has to be finished before the newspaper stops accepting fictional works.

It’s 12:04 midnight in the whole of Zimbabwe , most are asleep ,though some are doing things that give them pleasure , so it is with the writers , they won’t sleep without finishing their art work. The dedication is there , and they do write , well they write their hearts out , yet most of their work is never read . That is where Ztorie Bhuku Literature comes in , it’s a platform for unknown Zimbabwean authors to get their work to the masses and yes written stuff must be read. Ztorie Bhuku is a writer’s initiative .

Bhuku Love,

Lenni Mdawini Sibanda ,author, storyteller, filmmaker @lennisto


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